Scarecrows for Steam

Submissions due October 24th, 2023

The Scarecrows for STEAM contest is a PTA sponsored event where we encourage students and families to celebrate the limitless expressions and possibilities of art with the single prompt: Create a scarecrow.

We’ve had so many creative submissions over the past few years, and we can’t wait to see what our students and families come up with this year! Go through your home to turn your discarded items and old clothes (that you were going to toss or donate anyway), into a family fun activity building a Scarecrow for STEAM. Reuse old crafts and repurpose the materials to add details. Get inspired by your favorite book, show, character, and have fun!

This is a great opportunity to let your kiddos minds think outside the box to build any kind of scarecrow they want. They can go the traditional porch or lawn scarecrow route, where it’s built with stick frames and stuffed with newspaper. Perhaps drawing is their passion and they want to dabble with paint, crayons, chalk or mixed collage. Some kids will want to build a scarecrow with toilet paper rolls or make paper bag puppets, while others will find a clever way to make a scarecrow basket or centerpiece. The possibilities are endless.

Three ways to enter:

There are 13 prizes this year and every student who enters will receive a Scarecrows for STEAM Spirit Button!

Students will be the judges and will submit secret ballots during school!

2023 Full-Sized Scarecrow Winners

Thank you so much to all the families and groups who entered the Scarecrows for STEAM Contest this year. The scarecrows were absolutely amazing. The students had a blast exploring each one and voting for their favorites!! What wonderful examples of exploring STEAM skills with an emphasis in ART through community and play. 

Full-Sized Family Scarecrow Winners:

Full-Sized Group Scarecrow Winners:

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